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Choose from a range of house and land packages to suit your budget and lifestyle needs. We make it easy for you to find land in the suburb where you want to live, and then…


With a custom home, you uncover a world of possibilities. You have the freedom to create a home that perfectly meets your current and future lifestyle needs. And, with guidance from a highly skilled designer,…


We are the experts when it comes to Ground Floor Extensions, Second Storey Additions, including Partial and Full Home Renovations. Want to renovate a part of or the entire household? Let us update the look…


Leaky Homes are surprisingly common in New Zealand, with homes largely built in 90s with plaster cladding. It can be fairly stressful for you, as a home owner, but do not worry or despair, there is always a solution.


We would be more than happy to supply our experienced and licensed builders on a ‘Labour Only’ basis for any of your, commercial or residential, projects at a very competitive rate.